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Shipping Policy

1 Shipping Fee And Duty(Tax)

All items sold in Sulludd store are free shipping and free tax.

2 Scope Of Delivery

Countries and regions that can be shipped include: United States, Canada, Mexico. Spain, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Türkiye, Romania. Other countries and regions do not ship.

3 Order Processing Time

Except statutory holidays and weekends, we will send you a confirmation email within 24 hours after your payment for the order, and deliver the item within 24 hours. If you reply the confirmation email as soon as possible, the delivery time will be shortened.

*Note: If you received the confirmation email and did not reply, we defaulted that you confirmed the order and send the delivery.

4 Delivery Time

USA: 5 working days

Canada: 8 working days

Mexico: 8 working days

Europe: 7 working days

* Generally 15-25 working days for individual remote areas

4 Shipping Methods & Logistics Service Providers

We use the international express line to send the order products, which is the safest and fastest. Service providers include Fedex, DHL, UPS, TNT, EMS, etc.

5 Possible Delays Due To COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic in the world, the shortage of logistics tools and manpower, as well as the slowdown of the customs process, may cause delivery time to slow down. If you have not received the delivery within 30 working days after your payment, please wait patiently, you can also send an email to for a return and refund.

6 How To Track Delivery Information

In the confirmation email after your order payment, we will tell you how to check the logistics information.

(1) First of all, you can find the order query page at the bottom of the website.

(2) After entering the page, enter the shipping order number we sent you in the order shipping email, and then click track to see where your product is located.

7 Out Of Stock Product Order

Some of our hot-selling products are out of stock due to being snapped up, or the new pre-sale products are not in stock yet. Regarding the ordering and delivery of these products, please check the product details page carefully and we will explain, which products need to be customized or You can also place an order without stock but delivery time will be extended. For example, some products that need to be customized generally take 15-20 days to be delivered.

1. Be sure to fill in the accurate delivery address and contact information before payment to avoid misdelivery and loss of parcels. 
2.Please fill your email so that we can contact you in time if there are any changes. 
3. Your delivery time may be affected by weather, mechanical failure, novel coronavirus and other unexpected events. If there is a delay, we will try our best to deliver it as soon as possible. 
4. We and our transportation service providers have an obligation to ensure the safety and integrity of our products. 
If it is lost or damaged in transit, please send us an email to deal with in a timely manner.