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Return & Refund Policy

1 Timeframe For Accepting Returns Or Refunds

Within 30 days of receiving your order, you can apply for returns and refunds.

2 Returns Or Refunds Processing Time

Within 2 working days after you send the return application email, we will complete the review of whether it meets the return conditions and send an email to inform you.

3 How Returns And Refunds Applicable

※For returns and refund requests, send an email to

※You need to provide the order number, photos of express package packaging, photos of specific problems with the product (including defects, wrong, missing, lost, etc.

4 How Soon Will You Receive Refunds

For non-regular holidays and weekends, if we confirm the review conditions of your refund application, we will refund you within 3 working days according to the payment method you purchased, and send proof of payment.

5 Where To Send Returned Packages

If you need a return, we will send you an email with the delivery address information.

* Our carrier's warehouses in Europe and North America and other countries and regions receiving returned products, please be sure to send the package according to the shipping address information given by us, and take a photo of the express voucher after delivery, and email to us: 

6 Is there a return fee, and who will bear it?

※You do not need to pay any fees for returns or refunds due to product defects or logistical issues.

※If you just don't like the purchased product and want to return it, you need to bear the shipping fee and 15% of the purchase order amount as a handling fee.

7 Returnable Conditions

Product must be intact and unused, inner packaging of the product (not outer packaging) and other accessories cannot be missing or damaged.

*Note: If the product is found to be defective after you open the delivery package, you need to send us an email within 3 days after your receiving, and provide picture or video evidence. Otherwise, we assume that the product you receive is intact. You cannot request a return for a defective reason.

8 Non-returnable Products

Personally customized products photos, braces, ear studs, or products with customized patterns  engraved rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces are not accepted for return.

9 Do Not Accept Exchange
We do not accept exchanges, if you do not like the product you have already purchased, please follow the cancellation or return process for a refund and then buy the product you like.

10 Order Cancellation

※Timeframe for order cancellation 

You can cancel your order at any time within 48 hours after you complete the payment for the order.

* Note: We will send you an order confirmation email within 24 hours of receiving your payment information for completing the order. If there is no reply, we will start the delivery within 48 hours after you complete the order payment by default, and the order is non-cancellable.

 Refunds for canceled orders

If you cancel the order within 48 hours after the order is paid, please send an email or let us know on the store message board, and we will reply you within 24 hours on working days. In any case, we will refund the full amount paid for the order within 3 working days after you cancel the order.

11 Any Questions About Returns & Refunds Emailed To Us