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About Us

Sulludd, which means spear in Mongolian, was once placed on top of the golden tent of Genghis Khan and used as the flag of the Mongolian army. Sulludd comes in black and white, with black symbolizing war and power, and white symbolizing peace and authority.
Galton Ray's hometown is Mongolian grassland. He founded this brand under the name of Sulludd, and is committed to designing and providing unique jewelry with creativity and spiritual power for outstanding men all over the world, because jewelry is not only fashionable and aesthetic for men, but also more important. It is a totem of faith, an expression of love, and a symbol of faith.
Our team was established in 2017. We adhere to the principle of sincerity, trustworthiness, and customer first. Over the years, we have continued to have our own creativity and breakthroughs in hip-hop, Viking, motorcycles, etc. We also sincerely hope to become confidants with our customers and listen to opinions and criticisms, which is the driving force behind us to make our products and services better.

Company Name: Guangzhou Sulu Ding Technology Co., Ltd.