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Do Viking warriors really exist?

Aug 18,2022 | Sulludd

In some folk tales, there are many Viking female warriors. For example, in Iceland, the base of Viking legends, there are often stories of Viking female warriors. In these stories, they draw swords to protect their family and reputation. In the Viking Age, the Vikings traveled all over the world and pioneered lands. Women immigrated to unfamiliar lands with their husbands. There were dangers everywhere in the new world. When their husbands went to war, or when danger suddenly came, these strong women would naturally take up arms , in order to defend the homeland and fight the enemy. However, after all, women picking up weapons is only a limited self-protection behavior, and cannot be regarded as female warriors who "fight for a living". Aside from fantasies, there is no female warrior as brave as a lioness in Viking history.
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Ancient tombs unearthed in Scandinavia also seem to support the existence of female warriors, and Viking women are often buried with spears and daggers in their tombs. However, whether it is the legend of Sakya or the archaeological evidence, it only proves that some Viking women can touch and use weapons, which does not mean that they will actually go to war.
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From a historical point of view, although Viking female warriors have the ability to fight, it does not mean that they will really meet the enemy. In the Viking Age, women warriors were rarely mentioned except in the legends of the Vikings themselves. Even the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of the British Isles and the chronicles of the Frankish kingdom never mentioned warrior women on the battlefield.


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